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Otaku Apartment

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Anime, Decor, Manga

I can totally see you living here.


Cardboard Gundam Cosplayer

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Anime, Gundam, Video

from edgar wright here

Looks like you were right to avoid it. Apparently they even changed Aang’s name (or no one used it, anyway)!

Obviously, it’s too late for before since we were there today–but I thought you’d like this list of anime from the LA Weekly anyway. It includes a few you’ve already seen, like Witch Hunter Robin and Full Metal Alchemist. But, there were some I didn’t recognize (though maybe you will) like Samurai Champloo and Paranoia Agent. The LA Weekly site also has some great pictures from Day One (Thursday) at the Expo. Be sure to take a look!