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There’s a sneak peek of the new Pokemon game coming out this Spring at Also, you can read about their take on E3 here. It sounds like Nintendo made a big splash with the upcoming 3DS and lots of cool games. Go Nintendo! (Be sure to click on that Nintendo link, by the way. You’ll see Nintendo’s photos from E3 as well as some really cool interviews with game developers talking about the 3DS and other things. I know you’ll like it!)


Fly Air Gundam!

Posted: June 15, 2010 in Gundam, Pokemon, Travel

First All Nippon Airlines created the Pokemon plane…

…and now they’re making a Gundam plane!

It will operate in Japan, on the Haneda, Tokyo – Osaka route, and is scheduled to start flight this July through March 2011. I wonder if we can save up enough money for our trip to Japan before March 2011?!